Monday, September 05, 2005

LC speaking outline

I get the privilege of speaking in Light Company (our middle school ministry) this Sunday.  I say privilege because it is really true - the people that speak to our students are carefully filtered.  So privilege because I'm certainly not all that.

Also, its a real privilege because I know - for certain - that I will make an impact on these kids.  Not just from what I say, but because of what we (the SPACE crew) are doing.  We are creating a culture of mission and service.  We are engaging students to give intentionally and sacrificially.  We are shaping and molding the perceptions of middle schoolers.  We are modelling to them that it is cool to go out and serve, that speaking another language is very cool, that engaging someone from another culture is not dorky.  

We are creating a mindset that there is not a youth ministry at GCC without SPACE.  The current 8th graders have never known a Light Company without a SPACE.  They don't realize that there were a lot of middle schoolers that went through LC without "The Bus That Rakes" or that there have only ever been two LC mission trips.  That is huge.

More than ever, I see Sunday as not just a talk, but creating and shaping an environment for growth.  The worship music, the lighting, the video and pictures, the whole atmosphere, the rapport, the dreaming and praying behind the whole morning, it all comes together for an environment.  Hopefully its an environment where God draws hearts.

It will also be a fun morning because in addition to highlighting some of the high school summer team members, there will be 3 middle schoolers that will stand up and talk about their experiences this summer.  There hasn't really been an opportunity for them to talk about their trip at all this summer, and having them upfront conveys the importance of what we did to the middle school community.

Here is my very rough outline.

Intro - Gen 12 - vessel to be blessed/to bless others
Where I Went was Different - teams
How the world really looks - me
Impact on me - teams
How I Made a Difference - teams

If you are around GCC on Sunday, LC is 2nd service (9:45) at the Warehouse.  Just be forewarned, it is middle school.

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