Monday, September 12, 2005


Big clarification here.  After my trip to Brasil, I had posted some things about the trip and our time there, etc.  Some readers may have inferred that the McMs were not well supported.  That is not at all true.  Both in reality, and in my experience, the McMs have a great support system.  GCC (and this makes me really proud to say) has done a great job of supporting them and their ministry.

Some of my posts may have accidentally suggested the opposite, but those were simply a lack of accurate communication on my part. I experienced one thing, tried to write about something related, and it came out really wrong and maybe people inferred something else.  So, because of that, I have edited some posts a bit, and removed some other text and wanted to post this clarification. Alas, the double edge sword of blogging. Hopefully this post makes it clear.

All in all, it just reminds me again of what a privilege the whole trip was, and what a cool community of faith we both (us and the McMs) belong to.

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