Tuesday, September 27, 2005

MTF was fab

Had a great time last night with the MTF.  It's not often that you talk to people about missional stuff, but to talk to a group of people that understood, that got it, and then to have them be enthralled, enthused, and pumped about it - talk about energy and momentum.  Very cool.

Three team leaders (myself, Trinidad and Guatemala) gave reviews of our trips.  I also talked a bit about the other SPACE things from the summer.  People from the MTF asked us some great questions, laughed and joked about some of the stories, asked us how else they could have helped the teams and *really* affirmed us for the work we had done this summer.  It was very, very cool.  I also highlighted a few of the things that are cooking for next summer - very fun to think about what might come to fruition then.  And I really emphasized the priority that the MTF and I must focus on for the next level of leadership development.
The MTF - they love SPACE.

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