Monday, September 26, 2005

Follow up to 9/24 SPACE launch

Just a follow up post (mostly for my own reference) to our Launch this past weekend.

1 - Consider some kind of activity for students for when they first get there and we are getting organized. Activity centered around the topic at hand. Use the time to continue to build the environment.
2 - Middle schoolers in a thrift store. Not a fabulous idea, but it was fine.
3 - Snack for when we get home. Use this time to debrief. Could have been great to talk about the issue of hunger.
4 - 21 kids had never been to a SPACE event before. Should build on those relationships.

(Overall, it went really well. But we must always been looping back around to talk about how we can make it better, especially using the perspective of creating an environment for growth, versus an event to attract.)

Two images for locations (click for full size):

image 1 - the park next to the church

image 2 - hot dog park (football game), down the street from Helping Up

made via GoogleEarth

More locations:
- shelter and soup kitchen somewhere up Gaye Street.
- Beans and Bread

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