Saturday, August 01, 2015

Cultural Scavenger Hunt

The checklist for our cultural scavenger hunt. Some of these are specific to Prague - many are not. At a surface level, this is a fabulous tool to help kids have fun and observe specific things about a city or context. Dig deeper by talking about observations of a culture from these tasks and making interpretation about the culture. Go even deeper by talking about what relevance those interpretations have when it comes to the Gospel.

What is the oldest thing you can find
Go up to someone and ask them what the story is about the clock tower
Find the most interesting statue to your group
Recreate the most interesting statue with your group
Find the church that has the thiefs arm
Find a place where there is no cement - all nature
Who can learn the funniest phrase from a Czech person
Who can find the most Trudlo stands - take a picture of each one
Take a group picture with a street performer
Dance with a street performer
Find something from where you live
Find something that you cannot get where you live
Biggest group of pigeons you can find
How many selfies sticks can you count
Take a video of ringing of the clock
Take a picture of everyone's feet around something of cultural significance
Who can find a person that speaks the most languages
See how many group pictures you can take for other people
Find something you can only get in Prague that you can't get anywhere else - non food
See if you can find a free bathroom
Find a flag from a country where no one in your group lives in or is from
Take a picture on the street where all the luxury stores are
Get a menu from a Italian restaurant
Take a picture with a random family - you have to ask not just photobomb it
Get the front page from a Czech newspaper without buying or stealing it
Find the biggest billboard
Take a picture of the most interesting graffiti
Take a picture with a tourist who has the most interesting outfit or facial hair


  1. Sounds so fun!! Wish I was there, too, in that beautiful city with all of you!

  2. Thanks! Hey do we know each other?