Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday Burn

::: Atlanta Bench Works
Run by my friend Jesse Phillips, they build outdoor furniture using scrap materials while helping employ some of the neighborhood's homeless.

::: They keystone of Apple's design process - the ANPP
Every business is different, but ... selectively imposing seemingly rigid structures on even the most creative enterprise frees employees from having to worry about whether they're getting all those little steps right, so they can concentrate on being creative with the parts of their work that are different from all the other times they've done it before.

::: How Can We Plant 1000 Churches by 2050?
Some of the math behind church reproduction from the Summit Church.
We knew from the beginning that to reach 1,000 churches in one generation would require more than just planting churches from the Summit, but planting churches that, in turn, would plant churches. So we asked a few of our staff to chart what it might look like, assuming that we continued to plant at our current rate (3 churches per year), and that our daughter churches would plant a church every 5 years.

::: Why Blogs Still Matter for Social Entrepreneurs

::: If you cannot be accused of exclusivity, you are not discipling. #HowardHendricks - @bradbridges

Photo: Pavillion Vendome. I got lost 50 feet outside of the gates to this place. Aix-en-Provence, July 2013.

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