Friday, May 23, 2008

Meet Hungary Leader - Leslie

Leslie has traveled with me every summer since SPACE's inception. Our first summer together was in NYC when, still as a high school student, she got to see the global mix of cultures that is New York, as well as see LL Cool J live in concert. Since then she has seen a lot of the world and it’s been our joy to continue to send her to places we aren’t able to go to. Yesterday, she finished a Discipleship Training School that included San Francisco, Turkey and Italy and is now getting ready to move into the old international SPACE office to spend the summer with our family while working here in Howard County.

She's an intellecting, high-achieving, empathetic, developer - meaning she’s going to dream up really sensitive ways to grow our team members, making sure the plans are well thought out and are sure to get done. Don’t be scared if you are on the receiving end of this – I’m very much looking forward to watching her share her life and what she has done in the past few months with the team.

She’s got a heart for Europe and the Hungary trip this summer will continue to forge the desire for those that haven’t yet heard. Our best odds [yours and mine] are to send someone like Leslie far and away when we can, so she can create more people like her.

Leslie has led on Brasil2005, Cameroon2006, and Hungary2007.

Photo: Leslie [on the right] in front of Aya Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey, April 2008.

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