Tuesday, January 24, 2006

SPACE 2006 11th grade missions

Tonight, we launched a team for the 11th grade. The big picture here is for a team to go and serve within the KatrinaGrace partnership. At least that is the intent. The first part of this was getting the right leader team together, and this team is really good.

JScd - went to Guatemala last year on a team of young adults from GCC. Future youth pastor.
EGrab - from the mighty 03 Dteam that I led.
MCCorts - has already been to the KatrinaGrace sites once. Was a leader for a SPACE DC team in 2004, and a leader for the Trinidad team last summer.
JBourq - one of the regular SPACE leaders.

I'm fanatically excited about this team of leaders. Each of them bring so many talents to the table and I think its a really well balanced team in terms of temperment, strengths, relational ability, hearts of service and love for students. I would love to take the credit for it, but God put them together.

There are many fluid details with the trip right now but the leader team was the most important to get together. If the details don't line up, maybe we send them somewhere else.

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