Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saying No

I don't like to say no. Most of the time, saying no makes me feel bad. I got a call today to ask me to do something ministry-wise, sort of. And I said no. And I feel bad. But not bad enough to say yes.

Context matters - in just about everything. This task was nothing to do with my ministry gifts or passions. I think that the only reason that I was asked was because it was convenient and my faithfulness has been proven - both really good things. Being dependable is a really good attribute to have. Now that I think of it, I'm usually flattered at being asked to do something too. So flattery and feeling bad. Interesting combination.

Continuing on with context, I can understand having to do something because no one else will do it, or no one thinks of doing it. Being a person that must makes sense to me. I would say yes if I was part of a church plant where only a small number of people were responsible for a lot. I would say yes if I was working in another culture where Jesus followers number only in the hundreds, among the masses that have never heard Jesus name. But I do say yes when it comes to taking students places so they can understand the world first hand.

In my context, last Sunday saw probably 2000 people attend two GCC services in the morning. Surely, someone else may be tons more interested in this task then me. And I bet their interest in students is conversely the exact opposite of mine.

I think we all need to hear that it is okay to say no when the fit is not quite right. Especially from ourselves.

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