Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Meeting List

I mentioned before how much fun I'm having trying to recruit summer team leaders. It really has been a lot of fun. Just for my own sanity, I'm listing the meetings that I've had in the past few weeks:

Tue intern meet
Wed NLind meet
Thu EmGberg meet
Tue MCCorts phone
Thu JScd meet
Thu MLSchw meet
Tue EGrab meet
[SPACE winter expedition]
Tue 10th parents meet
Tue 11th lead meet

Add to this the day job and I'm pretty beat. I desperately need some time with my kids. No more meetings this week. But also, I can't help but be so so so excited about these summer teams.

And one other side note - if I could do anything else, I would. If I could get away from this missions stuff, if there was any way that I could possibly just ignore it, I would. But I can't. Instead, what an awesome privilege I get to send students all over the map.

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