Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Church Building

Well today GCC goes into another chapter. Today was the first day in our new church building. It's pretty cool. And quite large. You readers know what kind of stuff I have been reading lately - not exactly big advocates of church building projects. But...

Of course, the first message in the new building is going to be quite important and I loved it. PastorM spoke about:
- learning, growing and continuing to become an agent of change for people that are near us.
- "our interest in the community should go up a few notches"
- decided not to call it an 'auditorium' because that would connote passive, observers in an audience
- touched on the importance of connecting people in community, transformation, and being spectators versus engaged

Also, ELB writes that our high school youth pastor said "I don't see this as a youth group. You all are a gang of revolutionaries."

In other words, this community of faith should be stepping it up when it comes to reaching our neighbors and the world with the transforming message of Jesus.

D has also written a thoughtful post about today here.

If we had to be part of a huge building project in a church, I don't think anyone would do it better than GCC.

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