Friday, January 20, 2006

The best banana

Relevant Magazine has daily dispatches from a writer who is on a week long trip in the Dominican Republic traveling with Healing Waters International, a nonprofit ministry which installs water purification systems in developing countries where clean drinking water is a big problem. Jason writes:
And let me tell you this: You haven’t eaten a banana until you’ve devoured a fresh one in the Dominican inland mountains, surrounded by old friends you met two days ago and new friends you met an hour ago, hanging out on a dusty street in front of the home of a grateful father who finally has healthy kids and an amoeba-free belly and a new job dispensing clean water to his friends and neighbors.

Best freakin’ banana I’ve ever had.

Cool series of articles, reminds me of my time in the Dominican Republic in 1994. I was certainly a victim of unclean drinking water. Not pretty.

Some cool elements of mission in Jason's story including assisting and growing local, indigenous leadership; meeting a huge tangible need like clean water; vision of community impact.

Day 4 here. Links to the previous days dispatches are also at the top of the article.

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