Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pottery and Proximity

We had a fun time yesterday morning visiting The Studio at Fulton, which is a small, cute pottery studio right around the corner from us, just now under new management. The new management, interestingly enough is KJones, the oldest daughter of my youth pastor, RJones. KJones was actually on two of my first mission teams in 1992 and 1993, when I ran two teams under the summer Mission Possible program at Forcey Memorial Church. The first summer was absolutely the best job I've ever had. The second summer would have ranked up there had I not gotten infectious diarrhea in the DR. But that nontheless was a very valuable experience for me and I still look back on it fondly for what I learned through it.

The Studio is very very cool. It's got all the concepts of a proximity space and will be fun to see what kind of impact the Studio makes in our community.

If you live in Howard County and need a place for doing arts and crafts, kids parties or a place to do pottery, look up the Studio. You can tell KJones I sent you.

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