Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Resource - Organizations Working with Domestic Unreached

Here are some links that I got in an email from the Caleb Project regarding Domestic Unreached missional organizations. The list was actually built from feedback from a previous email where the Practical Mobilization author asked for reader recommendations about organizations that specifically try to work with unreached people groups that live in the US.

This list is a huge resource for me (and hopefully you) because exposure to domestic, unreached people groups can be such a powerful, motivating and rich experience for our students. This type of trip is still fairly inexpensive, students still have a handle on their own culture and these types of ministries probably love it when American students come to help out. Additionally, our students learn first hand about concepts like global migration and the 10-40 window and get totally immersed in another culture for a short time.

Domestic, unreached people group ministry should be a foundation of how we step students through progressive mission experiences. Ideally, this should fit after our students are exposed to some solid 'sharing of their faith training' but before we look to send them overseas. This was also the type of thing I was looking for specifically in LA last spring. So I was overjoyed to get the email.

Here is the list, edited specific to ones that I might do more research on:
*Urban Impact NY
(I took a team here in 2004, my summary)
*Persian World Outreach
"They gladly welcome people thinking of heading to Iran and Afganistan to plug into their Persian church plants here in the U.S. to learn the culture and confirm God's leading."
*Target Teams
Work with Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists in Philadelphia.
*City Team Ministries
Work with various ethnic groups in Northern California, Portland, Seattle, and Philadelphia.

See the whole list and write up email here.

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