Friday, June 04, 2004


Over the past month or so, I've been focusing on meeting some key people just to hang out and talk about ministry. To hear about them, and listen to them, their dreams and visions. And of course, they want to hear about SPACE and my dreams and visions. It's been a great interchange.
Yesterday, I had lunch with our middle school pastor. He is new, only having been here for a few months. However, he was an intern here earlier and his wife grew up at GCC. Very cool. Great guy. He LOVES middle schoolers.
We had some great conversation, including shooting around the following ideas:
God always seems to call people to bigger ministries. Do you ever hear of someone answering a call to the 'little church'?
Hearing/listening for God's voice and direction
Can you impart a lifestyle of service to middle school kids or are they inherently only about being served? Are we too intentional about making ministry to them all about them and for them?

Would love to hear what you readers think about any of those.

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