Thursday, January 05, 2006

A new to me youth ministry book

I've been digesting a new youth ministry book that I got for Christmas - more on that in a second. I realized that I don't have a lot of youth ministry books. I know there are tons out there and I'm sure most of them are really good. I just don't have a lot, and I'm thinking right now, "Thats kind of strange."

Here is what I do have though:
- The Youth Leaders Source Book
- Intensive Care
- Real Teens
- The Youth Builder

I know, I know. They are all pretty old and outdated. But hey, I'm 36. Feel free to leave a comment about books that you love and would recommend.

About that other book that I'm digesting - Shaping the Spiritual Lives of Students. It is tremendous. I don't have enough good things to say about it. I've read it once through and am going back through now writing in the book. Round three will have me typing in notes so I have an electronic copy. It *is* that good. Here are some of the key ideas:
- being a spiritual caregiver to students - not just about programs, laser tag and worship concerts
- pacing (active, engaged listening) and leading (speaking life and truth into students) and the theology behind the two pieces
- speaking truth and dealing with confrontation
- "How to Nurture the Adolescent Moral Self" (if the title of that chapter sounds cool to you, you [1]-are pretty weird and I can relate, [2]-need to read this book)
- analysis of early, middle and late adolescence

The book is easy reading with some great stories and examples as well as clear thinking and challenge about being a spiritual caregiver to students in our culture today. I'll be posting some notes from the book eventually.

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