Monday, January 16, 2006

Reverse Missions

I just got off skype with my good friend GMcM. For those of you new here, the McMs are a GCC family that live in Brasil and hosted a student team in the summer of 2005.

There is a small possibility that some of the students we met and befriended last summer are going to come to the US this coming summer. GMcM and I were laying out some of the initial ground work for something like that to happen. Think reverse missions trip. Some common components we are shooting for include a service project of some sort, elements of US culture, and of course US fun. For the last element - US fun - I'm thinking monster truck show. (That was a joke.)

D is loving Perspectives - good news for me. Tonight her speaker was some phenomenal missions nut case - like they all are - and has a job where tons of high ranking people from the 10/40 window come and live with him for months at a time, allowing him to build deep friendships with them. Or something like that. Anyway, same idea - reverse missions trip. And one more - the idea of global migration - masses of people moving into the cities, like NYC and DC.

This is the logical next step from our trip last summer. Long term relationship, partnering with GCC families overseas, you know the drill. Would be really cool if it comes together. If you've got some ideas or if you are interested in helping out, get in touch with me. Man, I miss the McMs.

Photo: Some of our team at a soccer game. Londrina lost. GMcM is on the left.

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