Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SPACE January 2005 Prayer Update

"If you want to win this world to Christ, you are going to have to sit in the smoking section." - Neil Cole, _Organic Church_

Dear SPACE friends,
Happy New Year and thank you for continuing to think and pray for SPACE - the missions and service component of Grace Community Church's youth ministry. Here is a quick update on whats going on with our students.

- A weekend expedition with some of our core students this coming weekend (Jan 21) serving with a homeless ministry in Bridgeport, CT.
. Pray for our two goals of investing into these kids and them learning about homeless missions over the long haul.

- Planning for a senior weekend - a time where we can take our graduating seniors on a short missional weekend that will deal with culture, service and mission.
. Pray for the seniors that will be going on this as well as our SPACE intern, Emilie, who is putting this together as her senior internship project.

- Planning for our summer mission teams.
So far, we have two teams up that are gearing up:
. a high school team serving with the Center for Student Missions in DC
. a middle school team gathering team members to serve with Christian Missionary Technical Services in PA.
We also have a few more teams that are still in the embryonic stages, hopefully being birthed in the next few weeks. Pray for all of our teams, the students and leaders on them and our early summer team prep sessions. Praise God for some phenomenal leaders that have stepped up to sacrifice, lead and grow these students this summer.
Also pray for a potential follow up opportunity from one of the teams from last summer. More on that as it develops.

Thanks again for partnering with us as we build leaders and disciples who are ready to sit in the 'smoking sections' in order to win more people to Jesus.

(For more real time updates, feel free to check out my blog at tonytsheng.blogspot.com)
- tony

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