Sunday, January 15, 2006

January Fluff

This entry is total fluff. Oh well, here is what is on my mind.

I worked all night Saturday night. In contrast to our 30-some-hour marathon in October, things went brilliantly. It was a nice change of pace. I think my team proved to everyone - most importantly, ourselves - that we could take on some very complex work and still put it all successfully. OH how I wish I could write much more about work on this blog, but I'm sure that would not be wise at all. Suffice to say there are many *unbelievable* stories coming out of corporate America in the past few weeks - and not about missions - and maybe one day I will be able to tell them.

Pastor Mark did his one man monologue of a court apprentice from King Xerxes this morning, walking through the book of Esther. Phenomenal. It was the second time I have seen it, but it was just as good as before. As good as it was, I still did fall asleep for a few minutes during it since I went to church after working and a shower. Get the mp3 here (although right now the page is outdated), but only good for a week.

I've spent the past two weeks having lots of conversations with potential SPACE summer team leaders. It's been an absolute blast. We've talked about a lot of fun and interesting things. I haven't had quite this focus in the past two years of SPACE's existence at this time in the year. Instead, I think this year, we are on to something - focus on summer leadership starting in January. Very fun and good responses. Looking forward to telling you more about more summer teams soon.

Very, very fun birthday party for Em on Saturday with 12 of her five year old friends. Em is a total character for sure.

Photo: The Dora lake for the party in our living room

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