Friday, January 06, 2006

The Greatest Missiologist

You'd find that there are people in every one of these organizations who were influenced directly by Ralph Winter. That's what I told Ralph Winter about a year ago. I wrote him a letter because he is sick. I said, "Ralph, I know that you would say the world's greatest missiologist in the 20 century was Donald McGavern, because he was your mentor. But I want to tell you that I think it's you. It's you, because your ideas have been some of the most original, and besides being the most original, you have put it on track. You formed the organizations that caused people to focus on finishing. You focused on people groups instead of nations or geographic regions, and set the stage for actually breaking up the job into pieces and getting those people groups adopted by churches around the world."

Also in the interview:
- There are roughly 97,000 Western missionaries and about 101,000 non-Westerners working cross culturally.
The US is no longer the biggest country sending missionaries into other cultures.
- gap of the excluded middle
- trajectory into business as a missions involvement

Read the whole thing here.

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