Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 top 10 overlooked stories

From Jim Rutz, the author of MegaShift, the top 10 overlooked stories of 2005, including:
1. World evangelization.
The Earth is becoming Christian at a very fast clip. My best estimate is that there are 64 million more Christians now than a year ago. That breaks down to 175,000 a day.
4. The church.
It has taken us almost 2,000 years to get a clue, but we're finally starting to do some key things right in structure and outreach. For instance, India probably saw only a few hundred new churches planted in 1995. Then we adopted the house-church model, where even the dalits ("untouchables") can go out and plant expanding networks of lay-led, home-based congregations. With no financial need for buildings or pastors (and no sermons!), growth exploded to 20,000 new house churches in 2002. In 2005, that grew to 50,000 new house churches. The same story has been repeated in China, where total Christians are nearing 120 million.
5. Islam.
Muslim authorities have admitted they are rapidly losing Africa. Indonesia, Earth's largest Muslim nation, is now 30 percent Christian.
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