Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy 5 to Em!

Today is Em's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Em!

To those of you that know Em, you know that she loves:
- any kind of animal, except for snakes, which she is allergic to.
- her dog. Both her stuffed dog, named "doggie", and her real dog named "Calvin."
- to dance and sing, on or off key.
- Dora.
- anything to do with princesses.
- the summer time. She spent all day yesterday running around the house in a bathing suit.

Also, Em:
- Has an uncanny sense of comedic timing. We think she was born for the stage.
- Is our affectionate one. She loves to cuddle.
- Likes gadgets. She has always loved to play with my cell phone or pager.

Happy Birthday Em! May God continue to mold and align your heart with His heart so that you love and sacrifice for the world (and animals) around you.

Love, Dad

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