Monday, January 02, 2006

Planning for summer 2006

Well the first week of January means "Lets get rolling about the summer time!" Whenever I think of the word "summer time", I get that Will Smith song "Summertime" in my head. You know, "summer summer summer time.." Anyway...

I've got a series of meetings scheduled this week (and hopefully next week too) to start some stuff moving for our summer teams. I actually feel like some plans might come together early this year, which is going to be really great. Some of you know that our plans for last summer and the summer before came together rather hastily. The trips still worked out great, but it's not the preference.

Very exciting stuff. This is one part I love - providing leaders the support for experiences which erupt leadership and mission in their students. A key caution - which goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned part I love - is the balance of erupting the right leaders who already have the core principles and values that our summer teams - and SPACE as a whole - are built upon. But that's probably a universal challenge in ministry, business, parenting and any context where you are growing people.

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