Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Update - Leader App 2006

I have two updates to my leader app thinking...
1. I agree to not become romantically involved with another team member or with a recipient of our ministry, postponing our relationship until my service commitment is completed.
I'm going to rewrite this for clarity. The gist is that leaders don't start new relationships with a team member or recipient - the focus on being starting new relationships. Also, I had zero issues with leaders that I had this summer that were in relationships that were on the trips together. ZERO. (There were two couples on two trips, at least that I knew about. Ha.) So this item is not from anything that happened this summer. (In fact, I borrowed this from an application I had in my detailed files.)

2. - I agree to keep clear and accurate financial records for the expenses of my team
Just something to make sure that our leaders know they need to keep some good records about expenses and such. I know that many times, this is the least of my concerns when I'm out with a team, but it really is pretty important.

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