Friday, August 05, 2005

Brazil friday

Hard to believe that it is already Friday. Our time here has flown by. We had team time this morning, FZ ran it and it was great. The leader team is making the trip for me - we are moving in close step synergy, the other three leaders are totally sold out to making this trip for the students, serving the McMs in every way possible and teaching and modeling cross cultural ministry for our students. I'm very fortunate. Our students really feel some momentum with their relationshps with the Brazilian kids, especially after game night last night. They are connecting more and more. An even cooler thing is that they are feeling more and more responsible for the relationships they are building. One thing we have pending is a conversation with GMcM about ideas he can use for follow up with these kids - our students have tons of ideas. We also talked this morning about the idea of leaders reaching leaders, and that those leaders you reach will impact the community way more than you will. It was a great discussion.

This afternoon, some of our students are writing and practicing a skit to dramatize the idea of God's identity and external things that impact identity. Tonight, we are going to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. These past two days have been a bit slow because many of the Brazilian students are taking their entrance exams to the universities. So they are studying like mad.

Two of our students are going to the doctor this afternoon. They both have minor sore throats, are a little swollen in their neck. You can definitely lift that up in prayer. Another one of our students is feeling like she is easily distracted. Not sure of all the details, but the question I posed to the leaders was, "When can you tell whether something like this is spiritual?" Satan would love to use whatever he can to distract us. Finally, you can pray that we would continue to use the time wisely, that we would move conversations from the mind to the heart, that we would continue to be mostly healthy. Along the health lines, the food is excellent, the water is totally safe, and the Brazilians are incredibly warm and hospitable.

Photos: game night at Gs, the leader team in the park we will work in on Sunday, some of our team in McDonalds in the mall.

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