Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Leader Retreat 2005

This coming weekend is our annual Youth Ministry Leader Retreat. It is where we pack up all of our leaders, take them away for a weekend and invest in them. A few major goals for the weekend:
- show the leaders we appreciate them
- give them time to do some significant planning for the school year with their teams (small groups, grade level, program teams)
- time for them to bond with other leaders for community

Here are the specific pieces that I'm looking to get accomplished this weekend:
- communicate the vision for mission as part of the student ministry (part of the Fri night vision talk). I think this probably includes showing (or passing out) some pictures from significant SPACE trips from the past
- start ES on her mentorship (I'm bringing loads of books)
- plan the list of Fall SPACE events including dates
- talk with some of the leaders of the Trinidad team, sort of a debrief, etc.
- really strongly encourage the new 6th and 9th grade D-team leaders to bring their students to SPACE events
- talk to CC about her potential trip to India
- have a personal retreat Sat afternoon - think alone with a lawnchair, Bible, journal, and music

Last year was great because we got to go as a family, but it was a little costly. This year I'm just going and probably only for one night.

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