Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So Long Brazil

We are leaving for the airport in 15 minutes.  Last night was definitely pretty difficult - we said goodbye to many of the Brazilian students we had built relationships for.  But in the end, that was our goal - to catalyze relationships so that the McMs can build on them.  Still, very difficult. I think today will be harder.  There is a group of them coming to see us off at the airport.  Very cool.  And of course, having to say goodbye to the McMs.
I'm seeing that this departure process is in three stages.  Us and the students.  Us and our hosts.  And finally, us.  The most difficult will be to depart from the team and family that has become us - both in the past 10 days, but also even way before that, as the team came together, prepped, dreamed and prayed.  To be honest, I'm not sure I'm fully prepared for that.  And I know that I haven't prepared the kids for that either.  Of course, the stronger the team, the harder the process.
Ok, so maybe next post from the US...?
Oh- SS has a slight temp, but feels fine.  Our flights from Sao Paulo are confirmed, but no seats yet.  Whatever that means.  First cloudy day here in Londrina.  Like GMcM said, people would pay a lot of money to live in a climate like this.

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