Monday, August 08, 2005

Brazil - Final night

We had a big party tonight.  Like this week hasn't been a party.  Ha.  Seriously though, the relationships which we built - and the context of them - made for a pretty emotional farewell tonight.  When I consider missional experiences, I always consider debriefing around the idea of culture and culture shock, but not usually around how to deal with relationships that are created in an intense, tight environment, and then are seemingly over.
Tonight, it was the pizza man, a talent show and farewells.  Hard to say goodbye, but if we expected to be catalysts for relationships that the McMs can grow, its a very healthy symptom.
Pray for our flight from Londrina to Sao Paulo.  Rumor is that if it rains, it gets delayed.  Also pray for our flight on our favorite airline - United - from Sao Paulo to DC.  I really don't want to get bumped, and I seemingly cannot check in online for international flights.  And pray for SS, he had a fever tonight and an upset stomach.  Apparently there is another virus going around Londrina - an intestinal one.
Hopefully the next post will be from my house.

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