Sunday, August 14, 2005

Brazil - tonys notes about culture

These notes are more for me than anyone else...
Notes about Brazilian culture that I learned (maybe not all are totally true all of the time)

- greet friends of the other sex with a kiss on the cheek - always go to the left.
- have lunch as their biggest meal
- shower in the late afternoon evening
- never come to a meal dirty (like after playing soccer or working in the yard)
- eat pizza with a knife and fork
- eat a lot of red meat
- most movies are shown in English with Portuguese subtitles (weird - it should be the other way around)
- they listen to a lot of the same music we listen to
- rice and beans are at almost every meal
- the people are so incredibly warm, inviting and relational
- vestibular (the test to get into college) is a huge deal

I'm sure there is more...

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