Thursday, August 11, 2005

Brasil reentry

I knew reentry would be tough.  However, its a little tougher than I imagined.  Most of it is your standard stuff.  The team just came from an intense spiritual high experience.  Little things remind them of Brasil.  Friends and family are interested, but don't really quite understand.  You didn't have to think about your daily pressures and responsibilities and now since you are back home, you do. 

During our long layover at the Sao Paulo airport, we had a bit of time to talk about reentry and the experience.  Some of the topics and ideas we covered included:
- Is this what you expected?
- What would you change on this trip?
- What were some of the negatives?
- God will continue the work He and you have started in your new friends.  You were a catalyst.  Our whole goal was for you to start something and then have to leave.
- When people ask about your trip, have two versions ready - one that is 2 minutes long, one that is 20 minutes long. 
- Be sensitive to people at home.  They won't understand, and you shouldn't expect them to.
- Don't go home to live a mediocre existence.

On a related note, I'm always looking for good reentry material.  If you have something you really like, would love to hear about it.

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