Sunday, August 28, 2005

Leader App 2006

One of the great conversations I had this past weekend was talking to a team about next summer and the options for their students. These leaders are really excited about the possibilities. It's cool to be able to help them develop a thinking about something missional during the summer.

A big thing I have been thinking about post-Brasil, and even more this past weekend, is what a huge responsibility these summer team leaders undertake. I'm almost unsure it is even something we should be asking. Its basically saying, would you:
- take some extended time away from your job, using your own vacation time
- take some extended time away from your family
- travel to a new environment, whether its another city, country, culture, etc.
- immerse yourself in some circumstances that you have no idea how things will progress
- work with some people you have probably never worked with, to get something accomplished that you have never done before
- all of the above, while you are a shepherd, counselor, nurse, teacher, coach, mentor, travel agent, etc. for a group of teenagers


With the context of the points above, I mentioned two things to these leaders that I must reserve the right for. First, to reject any potential leader. Second, that any student that goes overseas must go through some pretty hard and fast requirements. I'm pretty sure they understood how opinionated I am about this stuff.

Here is the very rough framework for a mission team leader application I have put together. For those of you that work cross culturally, those of you that send out or lead teams, or those of you that just want to, I would love to hear your comments.

SPACE summer mission team leaders embody the highest level of sacrifice and service. It is no small endeavor to leave the familiar confines of home, travel to unknown environments working with new personalities, while shepherding and caring for a team of high school missionaries on the way to impacting the world for Jesus sake.
Since GCC youth ministries takes this commitment of leadership seriously, the application below is designed for you to seriously contemplate this huge responsibility as well as for the SPACE staff/youth min staff to accurately gauge an applicant's character, experience and potential growth.
Please prayerfully consider your involvement this summer as you fill out the application.
For summer 2006 trips, applications are due by March 1, 2006.

describe cross cultural experience - how did it change you
describe your student ministry experience, how long, etc.
describe your leadership style - where did you learn this from?
how is God working in your life - what does this mean for your career,
relationships and future ministry
describe the riskiest endeavor you have attempted (but not necessarily been successful)

Evaluate yourself in each of the following areas by circling the number that best correlates:
Ability to get along with others
Respect for Authority
Sensitivity to Others
Positive Attitude
Ability to Work Hard
Sense of responsibility
Servant's Heart and Attitude
Being Firm versus Being Harsh
Evangelistic/Heart for the Lost

how long have you known them

Statement of Commitment
- I agree to attend all pre trip SPACE Mission Team Leader meetings with other SPACE summer mission team leaders as part of the investment SPACE will make in me as a leader, missionary and disciple of Jesus
- I agree to do my best in the physical, emotional and spiritual leadership of a SPACE mission team
- I agree to do all that I can to raise sufficient prayer and financial support both for myself individually as well as my team
- I agree to participate and lead my team in presummer preparation meetings (some of these will be put together by the SPACE crew team)
- I agree to have at least one post-trip meeting with your team for reentry and debriefing purposes
- I agree to not become romantically involved with another team member or with a recipient of our ministry, postponing our relationship until my service commitment is completed.
- I agree to abide by the standards established by the partners and/or organizations under which I will be serving.
- I agree to abide by all guidelines set forth by Grace Community Church.

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