Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wed am

Great day on Wed so far.
Team time in the morning, including having GMcM give an intro, overview.  We talked a bit about culture and example.  This team is an example.  Also, we are asking them to exclude some of their own culture, to immerse themselves in another culture, and not impose their culture on this one.  A hard task, but the essence of cross cultural ministry.
Did a conversation about challenges to youth, small group atmosphere with all the students.  Had about 8 Brazilian kids show up.  Then had the basketball star come and talk about his life with Christ including losing their 2 year old daughter.  Then went to a local school and played some basketball in teams.  Tons of kids were watching, they all wanted our autographs.  Very funny.  Will upload pics soon.
Tonight is music night (I think).
Our kids are relishing this trip.  Very fun for them and the connection we have with the McMs is becoming a more significant thing to them with more time.  The ideals behind this trip are becoming tangible.  I´m loving it.

I drove in Brazil today. LB was scared.

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