Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday update

Tonight we went to a Brazilian bbq restaurant for dinner. Can you say carnivore? It was an awesome three hours of red meat.

You can pray for BB. He skipped dinner tonight and apparently has a virus that is going around. No fever, no upset stomach, just a really sore throat. He is resting well and is staying at G's house. G's mother, F, is about the sweetest woman you would ever meet. She is definitely doting on him. Last night, she made F a cake. If there was anyone you would want your child staying with 5000 miles away in a foreign country, it would totally be F.

Tomorrow, we are doing a bbq (yes another one) for the high schoolers. Our team has also put together two skits as a way to stimulate discussion among all the students. The theme is about identity and external and internal forces against the identity that God has placed inside you.

GMcM is experiementing with small group discussions. We've only had one so far, whether it was succesful or not is still up in the air. I think they are going to go better, especially since our students feel like they have really gone a lot deeper in conversation that they expected at this point.

Photo: A and F talking about dating, relationships and God in their lives.

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