Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mission Team Reports

Our Missions Sunday today had the keyword 'Glimpse.' My friend T ran the whole thing and did such an awesome awesome job, for all 4 services. One of the things I loved was to watch and learn from him as he put together all the elements of the church service. It is so much more than just music, stories and a talk. It takes the mind of an environmentalist - creating and shaping a conducive environment for growth to occur.

One of the historical things mission teams don't do well is telling their story. They either don't get a good chance to, or when they have the chance, it is painfully boring. We have all had our fair share of hearing mission team reports that are really dry and boring. Of course, sharing a once in a lifetime experience in 10 minutes is never an easy task. Today was great because we got to share the stories, everyone listening was our biggest fans (seriously - everyone listening was so in touch, all the laughter, groans and oohs and aahs), and it was a great experience for these students to have to talk about their experience from the stage.

Photo: The Trinidad team on stage, while ES (who is the 2005-2006 SPACE mentoree) shares about her experience.

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