Sunday, August 07, 2005

Brazil Sunday

Quick post right now.
Worked in community park this morning.  Planting some long growing vines, fixing some walk across cable things for little kids.  Some kids came right out when we were done to play on them.  Very cool impact in that the McMs will definitely get a reputation out of it.
This afternoon, sent A&F on a mini SPACE international date to see one of the biggest soccer games in Brasil.  Very fun for them.  The rest of us split between the guys and LF going to see a local soccer game (Londrina won 2-0) and the rest of the girls going to see a movie and the mall with some of the Brazilian girls.
Tonight is some more hang out time and a Brazilian film.  You can pray for LB, she burned her hand on some hot water.  Pray for healing and relief from the pain.
Hard to believe that we have only one full day left.

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