Sunday, August 21, 2005

to the Class of 05

Well this is the last weekend that a lot of our graduating seniors are going to be around.  At least the ones that are going away to college that is.  Its a bittersweet time.  In one sense, its hard to see them leave.  So many of them have become friends instead of just students.  Not just good friends, but partners.  They actually care about the world.  They think that we can shape a generation.  They have this sense that the young people they have invested in will actually make a difference.

On the flip side, its awesome to send them out.  It really is the crux of what we do as youthworkers.  We build kids so that they can go out in the world.  We sit back and relish what they are doing.  We watch as their biggest fans, we cheer as they take Jesus into places and situations that we only once dreamed about.

Class of 05 - go on and amaze us like we know you will.

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