Sunday, August 07, 2005

More Sunday

Today was even more fun. This morning we worked in a park, planting some long growing vines and fixing a walk across cable thing.

EmGberg, one of our students, has this incredible knack for learning Portueguese. It's pretty wild, she can rattle off probably 20 or 30 phrases and is seemingly able to begin conversations after just having been here for 6 days. GMcM said, "She is really Brazilian..." because she is so warm, outgoing and amicable. It's very true. Quite a blessing to have such an ambassador on the team.

Tonight a bunch of us went out to a small snack place, again with more of the Brazilian students. In all, there was 21 of us, packed into a little cafe place. Very cool, very fun. We are definitely helping the McMs gain some new relationships among high schoolers. They are doing university ministry, but there are loads of high schoolers around.

Photo: EmGberg engaging total strangers in natural conversation, and a few of our students and their plantings in the park.

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