Sunday, June 26, 2005

Student Missions and Adult Church

Most youthworkers are aware of the subtle, yet pervasive problem of integrating their students with the 'adult' church. Students have their own small groups and their own church service and are not really well integrated into the overall life of the church as a whole. Sometimes, the integration looks like adults getting students to help in serving the church, sometimes its much less holistic than even that.

One of our goals for our summer teams is to be in total synergy with the adult church, in the stream of what they are doing with global missions. Combined with another goal - to serve in locations around the world where GCC missionaries already are - it's a great opportunity for the adult body to be aware of what students are doing besides the once a year Youth Sunday.

This morning, the adult services had a few slides about all the summer short term teams, including the four teams from student ministry. We also got to setup with all the teams in the lobby and were able to talk to people, hand out prayer cards, and answer any questions that they had. We had tried to do this last year and it didn't really work out. But this year, the Missions Task Force got it put together, which was so great.

Not only am I out to be strategic about the way we do student missions, I want the every adult at GCC to know about it.

Photos: Our teams hanging out in the lobby and talking to people in between services.

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