Monday, June 27, 2005

Spiritual Entreprueneurs

In many situations, failure is the very thing that restrains God’s people from doing great things for God. They’ve been taught that failure is equivalent to sin, so they’d rather not try at all than risk failing. When you face failure with humility and hope, you teach others how to risk. When you affirm those who risk great things for God and count them successful even if their particular endeavor has failed, you have affirmed something far deeper than any particular project or strategy could ever encompass. It is not so much the experiment that is of greatest value, but the affirmation of spiritual entrepreneurialism among God’s people.
- An Unstoppable Force

We had one of the Turkey team from GCC over tonight for dinner. It was a great time for us to catch up, since MG was my co-dteam leader in 1999-2000. It was my first year as a dteam leader and he was a huge help. In a few months, he and a few others will be leaving for a one or two year commitment to live intentionally in Turkey. I think we are seeing the groundswell of some very innovative thinking missions-wise at GCC. There is a level of experimentation and entrepreneurialism that is so fun to see. I would hope that I'm part of it at least a little bit.

- The Turkey team. A group of young adults/college graduates, that all individually felt God's call to live cross culturally, for at least a short amount of time. Instead of choosing the location, they chose the team first. Thinking that the team was of greater importance in light of the mission, the got together first, and then started to pray for God's guidance for their location around the world. Note that one of the top three reasons first year missionaries come home is because they can't deal interpersonally. Another innovation this team brings is how they are doing support raising. Instead of support letters, these guys and gals are making personal appointments with people in their network. No missions support letter. Instead, they are doing personal time. A great idea. Np doubt, it's a huge investment on their part. But I think its a great one.

- SPACE 2005. I'm overjoyed to report that for the four summer teams, three of them are working with GCC missionary families or organizations. I know I've written about this before, but I can't help but go back to this fact. It is key for synergy with the church at large, for implementing the goal of serving and encouraging on short term (versus building, evangelism, etc.) and it is a huge investment in the families that have already gone out from our body. It's different than the usual, "Let's choose a place that is fun for our students."

- LB dessert. One of our Brazil leaders decided to throw a party. She is having a big ice cream dessert so people can hear more about her trip. Great idea. Not only a party, but she made a cool flip book, instead of the normal mission letter. Another great idea.

Granted, these are small ideas. But I hope we are building a culture of risk, innovation and creativity among the context of mission. Small experiments now, larger movements later.

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