Thursday, June 23, 2005

AZ notes

My *very very* rough notes for AZ...

1 - risk
your week of service is based on an intention to risk
risk being misunderstood
risk being taken for granted
risk your reputation with your friends
risk God taking you to the next level of your relationship
risk seeing God differently
risk what you care about now, for possibly what God wants you to care about later
all for the sake of furthering the Kingdom
if you aren't interested in some level of risk, your time here might be boring

2 - listen
hone the ability to listen to God
we must be crazy because we believe God communicates to us, not just us talking to God

3 - do it, but the right way
ministry is based on you doing it
doing the right things, doing them the right way
the ends don't justify the means

Yup, everything on this blog is *very very rough*

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