Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Forge Emerging Summit

I posted some great intern principles I read about from Forge earlier this month here Steve Addision has posted his notes about a panel he is for the Forge National Summit.
- Thrive on chaos
- Christianity is moving south
- Most effective movements are tight at the centre and open at the edges.
- How do we catalyze the teenagers of today into leaders of a missional movement for the Church in the next 10-30 years? "The chance to do something. Now."

A few things come to mind as I think about these four points.  First, the desire to thrive on chaos isn't easy.  It is so much easier to have a pre-determined set of ministries and ministry plans already laid out, isn't it?  We have started to talk about next year for SPACE and one of the coolest things is that we know that every year is going to be different.  We could do the same things, but it's not part of the way we think.  One of our seemingly unwritten rules is that every year, heck, almost every event looks a little different, is a new experiement, is trying something new.

Secondly, like Alex McManus always says, the future is Indian and Chinese.

Thirdly, I like the way Steve talks about center versus edges.  It reminds me about how The Shaping of Things to Come talks about leadership being "THE strategic leverage for change," and how we must make sure that our leadership gets it and is commited to the values and ethos that we are trying to build.  Outside of that center, we can adapt, flow, be organic and allow others to come into the movement.

Finally, he's got it about teenagers.  We have loads and loads of students that are ready to do something.  They desire to be involved in something big, something that will make an impact, something that is congruent with what they believe about Jesus and the world He has placed them in.  And of course, they are ready now.

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