Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mars Hill - Global Outreach

I spent a little bit of time listening to a message by Rob Bell titled "Change the World Sunday." It was pretty inspiring. He starts the talk by telling how when Mars Hill was started, they decided 25% of the budget would be given away around the world. He then goes on to talk in detail about how that money is being invested all around the world, with strategic partnerships, where Mars Hill is helping with mercy ministries, the AIDS crisis, church planting partnerships, etc. North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia. Really cool stuff.
Their mission's component is called Global Outreach and it looks to be a pretty dynamic, catalytic team. Additionally, they have published "The Love Book" (pdf), which is resembles a yearly report on what the GO team has invested in. Very well done.

"There are no God-forsaken places in the world... just church-forsaken."

What a great thing to have for the people that belong to your church, something like this 'Love Book', making sure that everyone in your community knows how this type of giving is engaged. At GCC, the Missions Task Force just started giving out prayer booklets of our missionaries. The first day they started giving them out, they ran short. Most people in our church had no idea that we have strategically and purposely sent families from within our community on intentional mission all around the world.

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