Sunday, June 12, 2005

DC resource 2005

Post for personal notes for me so I don't lose them later. One of the long term dreams is for SPACE to be a part of a mission exchange with another church from another locality sometime in the distant future. This is the first step - detailed notes about places to serve in the city.

* Metro one day unlimited pass - $6.50
If you buy a normal fare for $6.50, you can exchange it right away. Smartpass might be a good option too.

* SOME - 71st O street NW
Take Red Line to NY Ave/Florida Ave/Galludet stop
Walk right out of station, walk left on Florida Ave, until you hit New York Ave.
Left onto New York Ave, walk over bridge over North Capitol Street. Look left and see the Captiol Dome. Take a right onto North Capitol Street at the Big Ben corner shop. Second left onto O street. SOME is all the way down on the left. Not safe at night, nominally safe during the day.

* Captial Area Food Bank, NE - 645 Taylor Street, NE
Easy to drive to. Never taken the Metro there.
Metro stop - Brookland/Catholic U.
Walk 2 approx. blocks N on 10TH ST NE.
Turn left on QUINCY ST NE.
Walk 1 approx. block W on QUINCY ST NE.
Turn right on 7TH ST NE.
Walk 2 approx. blocks N on 7TH ST NE.
Turn left on TAYLOR ST NE.
Walk a short distance W on TAYLOR ST NE.
Total walking is 0.44 miles.

* Air and SPACE Museum has a great food court. Of course, it's McDonalds...
security checks at the door, so lines may be long.

* Great fountain located at National Sculpture Garden, north side of Mall, right next to the Museum of Natural History.

* Smithsonian Folklife Festival - June 23-27, June 30-July 4. Dates will vary, but takes up huge amount of real estate on the Mall.

* Plan for activities to be inside during hottest part of day.

* NCC is open to people hearing about them as a local, indigenous community for people to connect with.

* Union Station has a great food court.

* WWII memorial is the newest.

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