Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Airline tickets

I'm almost ready to purchase airline tickets to Brazil. Team of 10 people, roughly around $13K. Here is one clincher - I'm scared to make the commitment. They are no refund, no exchange, etc. This means it is for real. That final step is a doozy.

Here is another clincher. So far, our team has raised $480. Yup. That's it. Don't get me wrong, the letters from every member except me (I already sent mine) are just about in the mail.

If I were a running this like a business, I would, obviously, not be able to purchase these tickets, no matter how good the schedule sounded or what a deal they were. Spend less than you make. Spend money that you have.

But, I'm lucky and blessed, because I am part of a community of faith that doesn't mind saying it walks by faith and then does it. Some other financial details are also in order, and so we are actually going to purchase these tickets. And not out of my pocket.

I say it to myself a lot, and again I remind myself - this is a pretty unique community of faith.

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