Thursday, June 02, 2005

Summer teams momentum

All of the summer teams are mostly finalized now. Brazil, Trinidad, a DC team which will be open to all students, and a middle school team. Wow. Just like last year, I'm still in a bit of shock that it has come together like it has.

Looks like we will have about 30-35 students on Saturday for the mission prep workshops and stuff. That still has me in disbelief too, that we are mobilizing that many students to get out of the church and be on mission.

One of the major challenges this summer is to form a tight, cohesive leader team for the Brazil trip. Out of four leaders, two of them are in Europe for 1 and 4 weeks respectively. I'm also away for 2 weeks somewhere in there. Nuts. On Sunday night, since three were in town and I was away, we did a virtual meeting over IM. It was the first time I ever did that for something outside of work. We do that stuff at work all the time and it usually works pretty well. Our meeting on Sunday was great as well.

Here are a few tips I've learned about IM group chats:
- Sometimes you will have to address your message. Instead of "When are you going to do that?", you should use, "Pablo - when are you going to do that?"
- It might help to outline your topics as you move from one subject to another. "Item #1 - schedule" instead of "How about schedule?"
- Get used to lots of people talking at once. Make your window really big so that you can see it all scroll quickly. It's a little manic at times, but hey, thats what makes it fun, right?

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