Thursday, June 23, 2005

VOM Persecution Blog

I've been following the Voice of the Martyrs Persecution Blog for a few weeks now. It is some really enlightening writing. I say 'enlightening' because I don't know quite how to put it otherwise.
Basically, it talks about people who die for their faith. You know, real persecution. Not the kind of persecution we face here in the US. As I think back about the times I have 'been persecuted,' I can't remember one valid time. Not even once where someone made fun of me or called me a name or ridiculed me about going to church. And that's not even real persecution...
Here is a snippet of a letter from a missonary posted on the VOM blog.

"All together the property is the size of a living room. And on this prpoerty are 12 pigs and 7 goats. It smells so bad. No one speaks English, no plumbing, and no electricity, and of course my new flash light broke the first day. The family has 10 members all together. The village has never seen a white man and I am constantly surrounded by people. People are bring ing me gifts and food always. My family makes me dinner and breakfast everday. It is disrespectfull not to eat the food and unfortunately the younger kids starve when i am here because i am eating their food. It is hard to eat and watch them starve. I am in a double bind. Breakfast consist of a runny oatmeal type food, they make it by sweeping some seed and dirt fromt he ground with hot water and that's my breakfast."

Looks like this will be a great resource for a lot of people.

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