Thursday, June 30, 2005

2005-2006 goals

Our director of student ministries asked me for my goals tonight. Haha.It is kind of funny huh... Anyway, I sent some stuff off the top of my head. I'm in vacation mode - we leave tomorrow for a week at the beach. And then a few days with PM. And then a LC missions weekend. Probably not much blogging until I get back. But maybe updates here and there.

I think its always helpful to list goals and how you are going to implement them. So here they are:

build the next generation of mission leaders
- continue to recruit college aged interested leaders to help with summer mission teams
- turn into a more formalized structure including meeting/teaching/homework sessions throughout the summer
- ES's mentorship

engage middle/high school students to impact GCC kidzone kids
- partner with children's ministry to run SPACEcamp, summer 2006

continue to provide missional, impactful community service environments
- DC - Sept
- DC festival - Oct
- the raking bus - Nov
- Orbit - early Dec

continue to send summer teams to GCC missionaries

- pursue opportunities with GCC families in Italy, Brazil, Cameroon (?), Trinidad
- maybe opportunities for follow on
- recruit more team leaders (see above goal)

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