Wednesday, June 01, 2005

TSOTTC - book notes - Chapter 2 - The Missional Church

Three flaws in the Christendom-mode church - attractional, dualistic, hierarchical.
We believe the development of indigenous, contextualized worship occurs in partnership with new believers from one’s host community. The tailoring of worship services is a lot further down the priority list for missional church leaders. The Come-To-Us stance taken by the attractional church is unbiblical. It’s not found in the Gospels or the Epistles. Jesus, Paul, the disciples, the early church leaders all had a Go-To-Them mentality.

Church in the Missional Mode
- Proximity Spaces - Places or events where Christians and not-yet-Christians can interact meaningfully with each other. (Café, art gallery, etc.)
- Shared Projects - Shared or joint projects between the Christian community and its host community
- Commercial Enterprise
- Emerging Indigenous Faith Communities

Getting It Right - incarnational, missional, apostolic.

A few thoughts:
- There is that word again - indigenous.
- When you envision the standard components of a church, how many of the aspects above come into your mind? Like me, I think you only see one - the faith community. And it doesn't always look indigenous either.
- Taking that a little further, when you look at the standard youth ministry, can you envision a student ministry having those components above? One idea - people in our student ministry have thrown around the idea of launching an art gallery event - a proximity space.

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