Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Brazil team prep - treasure hunt

Some of the ideas we will be talking about Wed night. Taken from the Short Term Missions Workbook (I probably posted some of these last year as well - it's a great resource for prepping teams.)

Treasure Hunt
God invites us to lift up before other’s eyes the ways God is at work among and through them. We are not going on our missions trip to bring treasures, nor to take them home. Rather, we help discover treasures that are present among the people with whom we serve, and together with them, we praise God for God’s great kindness.

Turn the Principle into Action
1. Walk with humility.
Remember, you are showing up late to a meeting. God has been at work among these people long before you arrived!

2. Embrace with affirmation.
Your greatest gift to the people you meet will be affirmation, not criticism.

3. Live with vulnerability.
Don’t be afraid of weakness - it’s normal.

4. Practice flexibility.
Always expect the unexpected - you’re not in control.

5. Live as a student.
Be determined to learn from everyone.

6. Work as a servant.
Be willing to do whatever needs to be done.

7. Speak as a storyteller.
Let the Spirit tell God’s story through you.

two of you - tell us a really good story
two of you - tell me the most encouraging thing someone ever said to you
two of you - tell us how your plans totally went down the toilet
two of you - tell us your biggest weakness (scary so maybe LB and I)

Oh, and if you are a team member and you are reading this before Wed, that will give you more time to get involved in the discussion.

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