Thursday, April 21, 2005

More leader

I've been lightly in the loop on an issue with another mission team I'm connected with. They recently had some changes in the leadership and due to that, there are some big issues that are not good. Namely, money and travel plans. Yup.

If you are taking a missions experience this summer, can I implore you for a minute? Please, please, please!!
- go with someone who has a history of solid experience.
- go with someone who has a connection with a local ministry there.
- go with someone you know and trust.
- do your homework and get some references.

I know there are honest mistakes, misunderstandings, communication issues, all non-intentional. And I'm not saying in this case, these didn't happen. But if you do those steps above, you will be going far in almost guaranteeing yourself a positive missions experience.

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